Floor Lamps Ideas, 63 Fantastic Floor Lamps Ideas For Living Room

63 Fantastic Floor Lamps Ideas For Living Room

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Floor Lamps Ideas For Living Room
You’ve just moved in and you have an incredibly comfortable family room but space will be a bit tight. Not to stress a story light will make it right! There are a lot of floor light choices available from traditional to ultra-trendy. The trick is taking full advantage of your floor lamps.

In another period you’d be considered a maverick. You abhor traditional and request the unusual and trendy from your floor light lighting. You really are a contemporary floor light person so would you say you are prepared for some floor light ideas?

1. Three light goosenecks with blue glass shades and blue uplights.

2. Three light goosenecks in a funky green, yellow, or red.

3. Multi-colored glass 3D square floor light with a 3D shape shaped shades.

4. Kabuki Japanese Floor Lamp

5. Glendale Lifestyle Paper Shade floor light

6. George Kovac’s Bronze Mini Tower floor light

Just as your home style should mirror your personality so should your lighting and these 6 choices will do just that. If you like to stand out from the group these will have you a step over the rest. Is it accurate to say that you are prepared for a stroll on the wild side?

The 1980s with Huey Lewis and the News and “It’s hip to be square,” truly wasn’t that sometime in the past. Alright perhaps the song has passed by the wayside but the style unquestionably hasn’t. Square floor lamps are genuine hip and an incredible room addition!

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